Stuart Anderson on Ward 8 and City Needs; WTU Pres Davis on Slam Covid-19

Audio for Stuart Anderson, candidate for Ward 8 City Council seat, begins at 28:10. Audio for WTU President Elizabeth Davis, around 45:00 — Stuart Anderson on Ward 8 and District Issues Stuart Anderson, candidate in the Democratic primary for Ward 8 seat on the DC Council, talks about housing, economic development, jobs, education, and incarceration […]

Ramadan in Pandemic; Ward 8 Council Issues

UPDATED 5/13 with recordings. Ramadan is at the half-way point, while Ward 8’s DC Council primary race is in the closing weeks. Audio recording here. Facebook video below. More links for first half More for second half Ramadan, Top of the Hour — How are local Muslims managing the holy month in pandemic, planning for […]