Covid and Operation Understanding

For more than 25 years, Operation Understanding DC has been gathering a group of Black and Jewish youth designed to foster leaders who will fight racism, antisemitism, and other forms of discrimination. In recent years, youth who do not identify as Black and/or Jewish but have a commitment to these goals have joined some cohorts. […]

Preparing to Protect the Vote

Jorge Vasquez, new director of Power and Democracy Project at the national Advancement Project office, shared plans to help communities cope with difficult voting situations. Planning — for individuals and communities — is key, he explains. Waiting until voting day is unwise, and his “Power and Democracy” team is poised to help in these next […]

Encampments, Vacant Apartments, Computers, and DC Housing Insecurity in the Pandemic

A variety of community partners, led by individuals who have or are currently experiencing homelessness, are stepping up to meet the needs of the housing insecure in DC.

Covid and the Black Coalition: Update from Dr. Reed Tuckson

Heat emergencies and other logistics are impacting the District’s response to Covid-19, while the pandemic continues to hit harder, and be more lethal, for Black people in the city. Dr. Reed Tuckson, of the Black Coalition Against Covid, joined “Community thru Covid” Wed, 7/29. Segment begins around 33:00 mark — Dr. Tuckson highlighted our responsibility […]

Covid and Commutation: Calls to #FreeRonnieLong

UPDATE: Ronnie Long’s conviction was vacated and he was released in late August. Details to follow. Albermarle Correctional Institution has one of the highest rates of Covid-19 in the NC prison system,* meaning Ronnie Long, 64, faces the viral threat as well as decades remaining on an 80-year sentence that his attorney says he should […]

Breather: Abolitionist Teaching; DC Budget Markup

We Act Radio’s “Community thru Covid” is taking a breather this week. Many DC locals will be engaged with FY21 Budget markup hearings, as we attempt to ensure that the new budget, in the midst of pandemic and protest, reflects public demands. Schedule for June 24 below. In addition, listeners nationwide are encouraged to take […]

Police in Pandemic: PPE use and community protection

Below is an exchange between Community Under Covid host and MPD press office, unabridged and unedited (except as noted to remove email and phone number). Please note that the MPD response focused solely on the options and health of the officers and did not address the health risks to, or rights of, an individual forced […]