Community Safety and DC Elections

“Our conversations often stop at feeling safe, which may or not create real safety, which means community members having resources they need to feel safe on their own,” Bethany Young, deputy director of DC Justice Lab, told We Act Radio. Discussion included efforts to reform police and the criminal legal system, how voters can evaluate candidates’ promises and records on these issues, and ways to advocate for specific changes.

Learn more about related legislation that is, or is not, progressing through DC Council and explore the records of DC Councilmembers on key issues at “Safe and Free DC.”

Still from YouTube broadcast shows Virginia Avniel Spatz and Bethany Young in adjacent screen windows.

Full recording below and on We Act Radio’s Facebook page.

See also this informative Safety Summit organized by DC Justice Lab, Harriet’s Wildest Dreams, and National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens.


Coming up on Saturday June 4, at 6 p.m. Welcoming party for Sundiata Acoli, former political prisoner just released from nearly 50 years of incarceration. RSVP to Learn more at this website and support Sundiata financially if possible.

National Park police are planning to remove an encampment from near Union Station on June 1 without providing support or housing for those moved. DCist has been keeping an eye on this story.


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