Sanctuary and Migrant Support

“Organizers…who are not getting paid, are taking care of families from Angola, families from the Congo, Afro-Latino folks, who are always receiving less — less attention, less support,” April Goggans told We Act Radio today. “And our Congresswoman’s contribution has more to do with being proud that we didn’t spend any money, and there hasn’t been any crime. That tells you a lot about what people feel the importance of people’s lives is.” We Act Radio joins the local Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network in calling to share this news and the current needs. See links below to follow and support the work.

Governors Abbott (TX) and Ducey (AZ) have bused more than 1000 people to DC as a political stunt to “bring immigrants to Biden,” and local mutual aid networks have been stretched to the limit and beyond in an effort to support people for whom local and federal government have made inadequate support arrangements. Some funding covers transportation but leaves many needs unmet. DC is not living up to its “Sanctuary” designation, those closest to the scene report.

April Goggans, of EOR Mutual Aid and BLM DC, joined “Community thru CRT (Covid/Other Crises, Resistance, and Truth)” on May 24 to discuss the unmeet needs and what people can do about them. In addition, here is an update, as of May 19, from the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network.

The DCist covered this story pretty thoroughly just recently — “Inside the Local…” — but there has been little coverage of the real needs and the people, volunteers committed to solidarity, trying to meet them.

The Mayor’s office did not respond to request for comment. The office of Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton said she had no statement on the crisis.

Sanctuary discussion starts at 35:00 —

Follow SanctuaryDMV, DMVBlackLives, and/or EORMutualAid on Twitter and SanctuaryDMV, BlackLivesMatterDC, and/or EORMutualAid on Instagram for the latest updates and immediate needs.

Donate in kind if you can: clothes, books, toys, diapers, infant formula.

Donate financial resources to these organizations. Stay in touch.

Rev. Wendy on National-Local Issues

The first half of the show featured Rev. Wendy Hamilton, an ordained minister and social justice advocate, who is a candidate for U.S. Congress, in the Democratic primary for DC’s Delegate. More on this segment.


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