Rev. Wendy Hamilton on Local-National issues

“There’s a ‘Washington,’ and then there’s a ‘DC.’ And I am running to represent DC. I want that voice elevated,” Rev. Wendy Hamilton told We Act Radio today. “I want people to understand that when you are referring to us we have our own agency, we have our own voices, we are able to govern ourselves. And we are not going to simply sit back and let Congress dictate to us what we can and cannot do.”

Rev. Wendy Hamilton, an ordained minister and social justice advocate, is a candidate for U.S. Congress, in the Democratic primary for DC’s Delegate. Among her main concerns are “fundamental change in direction, culture and mindset of this country.” This conversation focused on the need for a statehood movement that engages all residents, the gravity of statelessness when it comes to protecting health and human rights of District residents, and her “Hope Dealer” nickname and outlook.

This image shows the second segment of the program. Rev. Wendy appears at the top of the hour —

More about issues via campaign site.

Rev. Wendy Hamilton in front of US Capitol.


Also on this week’s program: Governors Abbott (TX) and Ducey (AZ) have bused more than 1000 people to DC as a political stunt to “bring immigrants to Biden,” and local mutual aid networks have been stretched to the limit and beyond in an effort to support people for whom local and federal government have made inadequate support arrangements. More on this segment.


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