DC 101 on Health at We Act Radio

Today’s program is a partial presentation of this month’s DC 101 political education from Serve Your City DC/Ward 6 Mutual Aid. The topic is Health, and the panelists are

Moderator is Maurice Cook of Serve Your City DC.

Graphics with text descriptions (English and Spanish) for slides in “DC 101: Health” on today’s Community thru Covid below.

Community thru Covid airs Wednesdays at 11 a.m. ET. via We Act Radio (audio only). Many shows also broadcast from We Act Radio’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Recordings and more information posted shortly after air time. Subscribe for updates.

Graphics and Descriptions

Text title reads: What determines health? Que determine a la salud?

Four images left to right: Built Environment/Ambiente construido, Economic Security/Seguridad económica, Social Environment/ambiente social, Health Access & Understanding/Acceso y comprensión de salud

Health Inequities in DC

Title reads: Health Inequities in DC/Desigualidades de salud en DC. (aquí, Español después de Inglés):

Four images: Environmental racism at Buzzard Point; Displacement, Homelessness, & Incarceration; Limited Health Access East of the River; Food Deserts East of the River.

Cuatro imágenes: Racismo del ambiente en Buzzard Point; Desplazamiento, falta de vivienda & encarcelamiento; Accesso limitado a servicios de sallud al este del río; Desiertos de comida al este del río

How persistent stress makes us sick

Title: How persistent stress makes us sick. El estrés persistente nos hace enfermar

Central box, with arrows out to right and in to the left, reads (aquí, Español después de Inglés):

Stressor: Discrimination, Social Stress, Financial >> Reaction to Stress >> Wear & Tear on Body and Organ Systems >> Reduced Optimum Health >> Increased sensitivity to stress >> Stressor.

El estresante: Discriminación, Estrés Social, Estrés Financial >> Reacción al estrés >> Daño al cuerpo >> Salud reducida >> Sensibilidad aumentada al estrés >> El estresante

The Health Consequences of Inequality

Two graphics. Dos gráficos.

First/Primero: The Health Consequences of Inequality. Las consequencias de desigualdades en salud (aquí, Español después de Inglés):

Black vs. White Health Outcomes: 4X Infant Mortality; 6X Diabetes Mortality; 8X COVID-19 Mortality

Resultados de salud de afroamericanos v gente blanca: 4X Mortalidad infantil; 6X Mortalidad diabética; 8X Mortalidad de COVID-19

Second Graphic/Gráfico Dos.

Life Expectancy Differentials (Men). Diferencias en esperanza de vida para hombres

Graph from the year 2000 to 2016

Non-hispanic white males in DC: 77 in 2000, 86 in 2016

Non-hispanic white males in US: 75 in 2000; 77 in 2016

Non-hispanic Black males in US: 68 in 2000; 69 in 2016

Non-hispanic Black males in DC: 63 in 2000; 66 in 2016, with curve showing rise to age 67, from 2010 to 2012, followed by drop

Diferencias en esperanza de vida para hombres

Gráfico para años 2000 – 2016

Non-hispanic hombres blancos DC: 77 en 2000, 86 en 2016

Non-hispanic hombres blancos US: 75 en 2000; 77 en 2016

Non-hispanic hombres afroamericanos US: 68 en 2000; 69 en 2016

Non-hispanic hombres afroamericanos DC: 63 en 2000; 66 en 2016, mas alto, hasta 67, 2010-2012, y entonces mas abajo otra vez


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