Covid and Space to Survive and Thrive

On this week’s episode of “Community thru Covid,” we discuss issues of housing insecurity and planned residential density in the District of Columbia and beyond. How does long-term planning — including DC’s Comprehensive Plan, which comes up for a DC Council vote in June OR MAYBE SOONER!! — affect housing availability and affordability? How do demographic shifts affect safety for people without secure housing? And what are the pandemic-specific challenges?

First segment guests include Qaadir El-Amin of People for Fairness Coalition (plus Serve Your City and many others), Ary Mondragon and Kyle Mimms of Dia De Los Muertos; tenant organizer Taniya; and Lark Catoe-Emerson who is active with National Alliance on Mental Illness and many organizing efforts.

Second segment: William H. Jordan of DC Grassroots Planning Organization whose experience with the DC Comprehensive Plan goes back to the plan adopted in 2006 and earlier.

This week’s “Pandemics and Economics in History.” Episode #12: More on Yellow Fever in 18th Century Philadelphia.

“Community thru Covid” airs weekly on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. ET. Listen live on We Act Radio (audio only) and on We Act Radio’s Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Or check back for recording.


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