News brief on 4/21/21 “Community thru Covid”

This survey about asymptomatic testing in DCPS schools — not affiliated with DCPS but organized by a community member — asks staff and those with students in DCPS schools to share some basics about how the 10% randomized testing is working in practice. Here is the direct link to the short, anonymous survey; or find it via @DCPSCovidCases on Twitter.

If DCPS responds to our query about delays in notifying school communities of positive cases, that response will be added.

Related data at DC’s Coronavirus page

April 9 article about Covid infection and testing in DC schools — DCPS, charter, and private — from Perry Stein in the Washington Post. NOTE: Covid-related stories are offered free of charge. Also note that just 48 additional students — of thousands returning to in-person classrooms for Term 4 — were expected to join classrooms in Wards 7 and 8, according to another Stein story.

Full show and recordings linked here.

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