Slam Covid-19 poetry performances

In honor of National Poetry Month, Community thru Covid shares a portion of last year’s Slam Covid-19 Competition (May 2020). These are the high school entries. See also the elementary school and adult competitions (link coming soon).

May 2020 High School performances

Heard on air 4/14/21 (grades and school from 2020):

Jemoni Benson, 10th Grade, Kipp College Prep;

Kenniya Corbett, 10th Grade, Kipp College Prep;

Nya Cunningham, 9th Grade, Baltimore School for the Arts (includes film);

M’kya Denny, 11th Grade, Dunbar High School;

Ta Mya Frrazier, 12th Grade, Columbia Heights Education Campus;

R’Nasi Murphy, 11th Grade, Friendship Technology Prep Academy;

Jaden Randolph, 12th Grade, Columbia Heights Education Campus (includes film);

Description of visuals coming soon.

Still to watch/hear on the original recording (around 17:46):

Kayla Sandoval, 12th Grade Thurgood Marshall Academy;

Allisya Smith, 11th Grade, Banneker High School;

David Smith, 11th Grade, Duke Ellington School of the Arts;

Kaya Ugarji, 12th Grade, School Without Walls.

The “Slam Covid-19” Competition was organized by Black Coalition Against Covid, WPFW, We Act Radio, and Washington Teachers Union.


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