Covid and Play and Compassion in Community Safety

March 31, 2021 episode of “Community thru Covid” on We Act Radio:

  1. Updates on vaccination equity and disapproval motion threatening family shelter and halfway house for returning citizens — see below;
  2. 8:25 — Pandemics and Economics in History: Episode #7: Infection’s Legacies Remain (full text and citations);
  3. 14:00 — Covid and Play with Demetria Bright of Play & Thrive DC. More details here;
  4. 33:00 — Covid and Community Safety, with Tia Bell of The Trigger Project and Rachel Usdan of Moms Demand Action. More details and links.
Vaccine Equity

Visit last week’s show for more on vaccine equity.

Family Shelter and Halfway House Update

Visit March 3’s show for details on the shelter and halfway house situation. Here for readers’ convenience are the shelter/halfway house updates :

The DC Council allowed the 35-day review period to expire on Councilmember Gray’s disapproval motion. As of March 29, the contract with CORE DC to run the Horizon family shelter was deemed approved.

Response from Jack Brown, CEO and President of CORE DC

During these challenging times, the need for high-quality short-term housing services is as great as ever. CORE DC is proud to be part of the solution in the District, and we will continue to work day in and day out to break barriers, build bridges and change lives at The Horizon and all other CORE DC programs.

And from Reverend Hagler:

We Act Radio, news articles and opinion pieces showed just how hypocritical the disapproval resolution was. Without the public it is no telling where we would be. The eyes of the public can make fecal matter look like fecal matter even when politicians want to pretend that it is something else. Now we fight the battle to bring the halfway house home.


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Full text of “Pandemics and Economics” podcasts at


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