Covid and Harmonious Living

Updated 1 p.m. 4/7/21 with recordings and more links.

Due to Covid-19 many residential spaces in DC are now used for employment and schooling functions as well, while many residents have been spending more time at home. This intensifies issues around noise complaints, and citywide arguments about balancing needs for quiet and protecting musical culture and street life. DC has seen three “Amplified Noise Amendment” Acts in recent years, while Councilmember Brianne Nadeau (Ward 1) proposes an alternative approach. Nadeau discusses the newly introduced “Harmonious Living Amendment Act of 2021,” with Chris Naoum, founder of Listen Local First, and Kymone Freeman, co-founder of We Act Radio on the April 7 “Community thru Covid.”

Basic information on B24-0159 introduced by Nadeau, Henderson, Lewis George, and Pinto. More on “Harmonious Living” from CM Nadeau’s office. If interested in furthering this legislation, contact members of the DC Council to express your support for a vote on this bill and ask Council Chair Mendelson to schedule a hearing on it.

More Connections

NOTE: Councilmember Nadeau points out that anyone who wants to follow this bill can subscribe to updates via the DC Council website’s LIMS function. She also invites people to contact her directly via email: BNadeau (at) DCCOUNCIL.US.

Learn more about the DMV Music Stakeholders Coalition.

We Act Radio is co-sponsor of the DC Music Summit, coming up May 21-23. Details and tickets!

Visual: “May 21-23 Get Tickets” followed by “Virtual DC Music Summit 2021: Come Connect and Network” video still.

Pandemics and Economics in History is a podcast in conjunction with “Community thru Covid.” Find full text, links to citations, and subscription options at Here is Episode #8: “Windows open in Winter: Bug or Feature?

Tune in via We Act Radio (audio only) or We Act Radio’s We Act Radio’s YouTube channel. Wednesdays at 11 am ET. Check back for recordings and more information posted shortly after air time. Subscribe for updates. (See also Facebook page )


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