Covid and Inauguration ’21

A few words on Inauguration Week: lockdown in DC, who is being protected and who is feeling the brunt of closures; Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday amid lockdown and emboldened white supremacists; and mourning the 400,000 lost on Inauguration Eve with Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” performed by Yolanda Adams.

DC Ward Map with text: “…a cold and a broken hallelujah…”

For more local views, follow We Act Radio on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube; Capital Community News (Hill Rag, East of the River, Mid-City DC); independent journalists including Black House News and Chuck Modi; and DC Mutual Aid Network (Serve Your City). See also “DC Mutual Aid Groups…” on Vice.

Hospital Closure Planned for LA’s Covid Epicenter

Community thru Covid is also following the sudden closure announcement of Olympia Medical Center in Los Angeles, along with community and nurse response. Hundreds of hospital beds have already been lost due to Alecto actions. See Ohio and West Virginia closures in 2020. Now, Alecto plans to close an LA hospital, currently caring for hundreds of patients, including dozens suffering from Covid-19. More to come as this story develops.

DC, Racial Injustice, and Covid

Racial injustice in health measures continues, meanwhile, with one example evidenced in initial vaccine roll-out for those age 65 and older: Our wealthiest and best-health-resourced ward received at least four times the number of vaccinations compared with Wards 5, 7, and 8.

Maps show disparities in initial vaccines for 65+ in DC. See below for text.

We will discuss DC’s vaccine rollout, Covid trends, the affect of lockdown on Covid, and hopes for health care in the new administration at a later date, possibly rescheduling Ambrose Lane, Jr., of the Ward 7 Health Alliance and the Black Coalition Against Covid. POSTPONED from 1/20/21.

Community thru Covid airs Wednesdays at 11 a.m. EASTERN on We Act Radio (audio only) and Facebook Live or check back for recording, available shortly after air time.

Vaccine of DC residents age 65+ as of 1/16/21. Source DC DOH

Ward 3: 1,915 or 12.8%

Ward 2: 947 or 11.7%

Ward 6 875 or 8.4%

Ward 1: 511 or 8.4%

Ward 4: 1,049 or 7.9%

Ward 7: 434 or 4.1%

Ward 8: 294 or 3.8%

Ward 5: 457 or 3.6%



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