Updated 12:30 p.m. 11/18/20 with audio recording. Video recording, part 1 or 2, below.

This week’s “Community thru Covid” focuses on drastic changes faced by the arts community in the wake of Covid-19 and on remembering those lost to the virus. Guests will include Sunny Sumter, executive director of the DC Jazz Festival, organizer of the upcoming Day of Reflection; and Princess Mhoon, founder and CEO of Princess Mhoon Dance Institute. The DC Day of Reflection, scheduled for Nov. 23, remembers community members lost to Covid-19. It is co-sponsored by a host of dance, music, and stage organizations as well as museums.

Sunny Sumter is a professional vocalist, educator, and executive director of the DC Jazz Festival.

Princess Mhoon is a choreographer, producer, educator, and scholar, who founded and directs Princess Mhoon Dance Institute. The institute is dedicated to “art and culture that will educate, unite, transform and heal our community through the power of dance.”

NOTICE: The DC Jazz Festival is honored to be one of the many DC arts organizations that have teamed up to hold a special DC Day of Reflection on Monday, November 23, to remember the loved ones our community has lost to COVID-19. The two-hour program will broadcast live on Facebook at 7 PM ET, learn more by visiting: https://bit.ly/DCDayOfReflection2020.

Tune in weekly on Wednesdays, at 11 a.m. EASTERN via We Act Radio (audio) or Facebook Live.

Interview with Princess Mhoon and Sunny Sumter on 11/18 “Community Thru Covid”

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