Covid and Budget Reprogramming

UPDATED: 1:15 p.m. on October 28 with audio, video, and resources

Additional update here, 11/11/20 from DC Council.

The DC Council recently received a $43 million budget reprogramming request that would shift funding to Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) by taking $29 million from DC Health Care Finance, $12 million from workforce investment, and $2 million for Children and Family Services. On this week’s program, we hear about response from Councilmembers and advocates. Video below. Audio here —

Tazra Mitchell, policy director for the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, provides an overview of the reprogramming process and the context for the funding request (segment begins around 5 minutes in). Jennifer Mezey, deputy legal director for Legal Aid DC, will share experiences with clients seeking benefits from the Health Alliance — the program from which funds are to be “reprogrammed” (segment starts about minute 29).

Covid and Budget Reprogramming” for Facefolk

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Mysiki Valentine, who serves on the board of directors for Many Languages One Voice, hoped to share some thoughts on the importance of the Health Alliance for the MLOV community. Timing for the live show did not work out, but we’ll update with additional perspectives if/when received. (Mysiki is also running for State Board of Education, and perhaps you can find him on a campaign stop.)

Relevant Resources from DCFPI

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Twitter: DCFPI 
Budget toolkit page: Read/Download 
Sept Forecast: blog post 
MPD and Public Safety budget: Report

Relevant Resources from Legal Aid DC

Covid-19 Resources

Public Benefits including Health Insurance

Domestic Violence and Family Law Posts and Background

Get Help Apply On-Line

See also blog, testimony, and more at Legal Aid DC

Tune in Wednesdays at 11 a.m. EASTERN. Listen via We Act Radio (audio) or Facebook Live.


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