Covid and “Patriotic Governance”

Updated 1:30 p.m. on 10/14 with audio and video recording and related resources. On today’s show, we are joined by April Goggans, core organizer for Black Lives Matter DC and a resident of DC’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission for Historic Anacostia (ANC 8A). We discuss the appearance of Isaac Smith as candidate for “Patriotic Governance” in that ANC, proudly advertising financial support from outside of the District. Related topics include Mutual Aid, economic development, and policing.

Video recording.

Everything reported in the October 14 program is substantiated with photos, web links, and other evidence. We Act Radio is looking into best practices for reporting on extremism and white supremacists, including whether and how to share media and links.

In addition, we are waiting for recording of the media briefing on extremism and the upcoming election from American University. Notes are also forthcoming. Here is an announcement for the Extremism and the Election briefing, with bios for the academic participants.

Meanwhile, connect with Black Lives Matter DC on the web or Facebook and DC’s Mutual Aid Network or call one of these hotlines:

Ward 1: (202) 681-9183
Ward 2: (202) 688-5812
Ward 3: (202) 556-1315
Ward 4: (202) 681-3098
Ward 5: (202) 643-7030
Ward 6: (202) 683-9962
Wards 7 & 8: (202) 630-0336

Learn more about Mutual Aid from Dean Spade.

Here is the book by Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

DC Council and Police

The DC Council’s Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety is holding a hearing on October 15 on matters related to policing and police reform. DC folks are encouraged to participate — here is the ACLU-DC watch party (10/15) mentioned in today’s program — by viewing, discussing, and sending their own testimony by close of business 10/23. Contact the ACLU-DC or DC Justice Lab for talking points. See also last week’s program, which focused on this topic.

Weekly “Community thru Covid” Programs

Tune in Wednesdays at 11 a.m. EASTERN on We Act Radio and via Facebook Live. Suggestions for topics and guests welcome.


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