Covid and Arts Education

What happens to arts education in the virtual/distance learning environments many young people are experiencing, at least in part, this year? What about social-emotional learning and support? Is the current situation worsening learning and access gaps? Is Covid-19 loosening the hold of systems that were already not working for Black children? We Act Radio’s “Community thru Covid” on September 2 looks at some of the challenges and opportunities of this pandemic.

Guests: Bomani Armah, of Baba Got BARS (Bomani Armah wRiting System), and Ryane Nickens, of the TraRon Center.

Baba Bomani, aka the Watermelon Man, has been using hip-hop, poetry and multi-media disciplines to teach fun and informative workshops with all ages from kindergarteners to graduate students for well over 15 years. Here you can find his Hip-Hop music for kids as well as teaching materials showing students the Writing Process through Hip-Hop!

Ryane Nickens is the founder and president of the TraRon Center which uses an arts focus to help children and families coping with the trauma of gun violence. This year, TraRon Center is operating a learning pod for a group of students in Ward 8.

Ryane Nickens, founder and director of DC’s TraRon Center

Facebook Live video from September 2

Tune in each week via We Act Radio (audio only) or via Facebook Live, 11 a.m. Eastern. Recordings posted shortly after air time.


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