Covid and Operation Understanding

For more than 25 years, Operation Understanding DC has been gathering a group of Black and Jewish youth designed to foster leaders who will fight racism, antisemitism, and other forms of discrimination. In recent years, youth who do not identify as Black and/or Jewish but have a commitment to these goals have joined some cohorts. […]

Preparing to Protect the Vote

Jorge Vasquez, new director of Power and Democracy Project at the national Advancement Project office, shared plans to help communities cope with difficult voting situations. Planning — for individuals and communities — is key, he explains. Waiting until voting day is unwise, and his “Power and Democracy” team is poised to help in these next […]

Covid and Arts Education

What happens to arts education in the virtual/distance learning environments many young people are experiencing, at least in part, this year? What about social-emotional learning and support? Is the current situation worsening learning and access gaps? Is Covid-19 loosening the hold of systems that were already not working for Black children? We Act Radio’s “Community […]