Encampments, Vacant Apartments, Computers, and DC Housing Insecurity in the Pandemic

Covid Reduction and Computers

People for Fairness Coalition, in cooperation with Serve Your City DC and a variety of other partners are working to provide people at homeless encampments in the nation’s capital with some basic necessities, including PPE and hygiene products to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Partners are also working to supply computer devices and wifi for students. Another current point of action is V2VR — from Vacancy to Virus Reduction. This and more on “Covid and Encampments,” 8/12/20 Community thru Covid.

Audio here —

Visit Facebook Live for video.

In today’s discussion: Qaadir El-Amin is with the People for Fairness Coalition (PFFC), Constituent Leadership Program, Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH), and the Fair Budget Coalition.

Reginald Black, Street Sense Media artist and contributor, Advocacy Director of PFFC, active in People Power Action, and voting member of ICH — to make sure that people that have lived experience have input.

Umi Lemso, PPA, active in the V2VR campaign and currently experiencing street homelessness, after her family lost their apartment; she previously lived in tent encampments and was recently evicted from Franklin Square when the District began renovations.

Maurice Cook, director of Serve Your City DC, which serves as the Ward 6 hub for DC Mutual Aid Network and seeks to close the digital divide for DC students, made more urgent by the pandemic. See “Back to School Bash DC.”

V2VR – Vacant to Virus Reduction

Vacant to Virus Reduction” is a plan that member of DC’s homeless community have created to reduce overcrowding in shelters and reduce exposure and spread of Covid-19, while making use of properties standing empty — often produced at tax-payer expense.

Full (16-page) proposal and shorter 2-page flyer:

Learn more about People Power Action at the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless and PPA blog.

Join V2VR sessions on August 17 or 31.



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