Covid and the Rent

Updated, 1 p.m. 7/22, with recordings and links to events.

Rent control and other tenant protections are important elements in maintaining affordable housing, made more urgent by our current pandemic and related financial crisis. This week’s “Community thru Covid” looks at rent forgiveness, rent control, and recommended reforms with DC’s Reclaim Rent Control Campaign. Guests: Rebecca Johnson, tenant of a rent-controlled property in Northwest DC whose owners refuse to forgive any rent and member and organizer of DC Tenants Union; Farah Fosse of the Reclaim Rent Control campaign at DC Jobs with Justice.

July 22 “Covid and the Rent” show on We Act Radio

Platform and petition at Reclaim Rent Control

Some information about the DC Council’s “Backroom Cuts

SATURDAY, JULY 25 — Cancel Rent Rally, at 5 p.m.

Columbia Heights, DC — Rally Details

Also, please NOTE: The Reclaim Rent Control coalition cancelled its Friday action.  Instead, the coalition asks those who planned to attend and testify to attend Saturday’s Cancel Rent Rally  starting at Columbia Heights Civic Plaza at 5PM! Reclaim Rent Control Coalition will be collecting live testimonies from tenants that day and encourage all to join in speaking out!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 1 — Cancel Rent Housing Crisis Town Hall, 1-3 p.m.

We Act Radio. Follow We Act Radio on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

DC Jobs with Justice Covid Resources and rent control campaign

DC Tenants Union Covid Resources and Cancel Rent petition


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