Monday, July 20th, 1:00 pm:

“#OnlyWhenItsSafe Car Caravan”

Message from Washington Teachers Union

Please join us at 1:00 pm, July 20, at Ballou High School Parking Lot: 3401 4th St SE.

WTU encourages participants to paint cars with a slogan like #OnlyWhenItsSafe and join us in driving to elected officials’ homes to make our voices and safety demands heard. Sharing pictures, use the hashtag #OnlyWhenItsSafe and tag @WTUteacher. For those of us who don’t have cars (and even those who do) you can also join in by putting signs in your home window. 

The immediate goals of the WTU are:

1) Funding in the budget for distance learning needs to ensure that every student has the appropriate technology to be successful learning at home, and

2) that schools are only reopened when the safety protocols recommended by the WTU are put in place.

We will insist on distance learning until it is safe to return. #OnlyWhenItsSafe

Sign up to join the caravan.

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