Stuart Anderson on Ward 8 and City Needs; WTU Pres Davis on Slam Covid-19

Audio for Stuart Anderson, candidate for Ward 8 City Council seat, begins at 28:10.

Audio for WTU President Elizabeth Davis, around 45:00 —

Stuart Anderson on Ward 8 and District Issues

Stuart Anderson, candidate in the Democratic primary for Ward 8 seat on the DC Council, talks about housing, economic development, jobs, education, and incarceration and re-entry issues — along with all of these issues’ links to statehood for DC. Visit his website and Facebook page for more. Look for another discussion, to come, on DC’s halfway house woes and the impact of this on incarcerated persons and their families.

Information about the primary election — with mail-in and distancing guideline for in-person voting — including all candidates running in the June 2 Democratic Primary.


Washington Teachers’ Union president, Elizabeth Davis, speaks about the Black Coalition against Covid and pandemic-related dangers to teachers and youth in DC detention — Inspiring Youth Program, Youth Services Center, and New Beginning:

Teachers have reported horror stories about how the social distancing guidelines simply cannot work for the individuals that they’re dealing with. And these youth have no voice. Nobody is hearing what they are saying or thinking or the concerns that they’re raising.

President Davis encourages participation in the upcoming Slam Covid-19 competition, sponsored by WTU, for elementary and high school youth as well as adults: May 18, May 22, and May 25. Event information here — and there is still time to enter:

Deadline May 15 for Elementary/Middle School event (May 18)

Deadline May 19 for High School event (May 22)

Deadline May 22 for Adult event (May 25)

Apologies for the audio glitches in Ms. Davis’ comments. We’ll have the WTU president on again for a more thorough discussion soon.


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