Ramadan in Pandemic; Ward 8 Council Issues

UPDATED 5/13 with recordings. Ramadan is at the half-way point, while Ward 8’s DC Council primary race is in the closing weeks. Audio recording here. Facebook video below.

More links for first half

More for second half

Ramadan, Top of the Hour —

How are local Muslims managing the holy month in pandemic, planning for Eid Al Fitr, and coping with funding challenges? Plus upcoming programs and Ward 8 food distribution. Guests: Lauren Schreiber, co-founder of Center DC, an independent, local group for those practicing and exploring Islam; Amir Muhammad, founder of America’s Islamic Heritage Museum in Ward 8.

Issues in Ward 8’s DC Council Race, 11:30 —

Stuart Anderson, candidate in the Democratic Primary for the DC Council’s Ward 8 seat, joins us to talk about health, violence prevention, education, housing, and other issues facing Ward 8 today.


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