Mutual Aid, DC-Ward 6 MAN, and Moses

Inaugural program, with Maurice Cook of Serve Your City DC and Ward 6’s Mutual Aid Network, on the state of mutual aid in Ward 6 and beyond.

An overview of basic health, social distancing, education, policing, and incarceration in DC’s Ward 6. With the District government abdicating responsibilities to the MANs without providing any financial support, (how) is the situation sustainable?

Plus: Mutual Aid in the context of Passover and Easter.

Ward 6 and Citywide Mutual Aid

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The People’s Demands DC


Petition to Atty Genl Racine: Covid-19 is death sentence

Interfaith Action for Human Rights on prison and Covid-19

Moses and Mutual Aid

For those interested, the idea of Moses being the leader of the first, and largest, Mutual Aid Network was shared in an on-line learning program of SVARA: The Traditionally Radical Yeshiva.

One of 7 hubs in DC’s mutual aid network.

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